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Special occasions deserve special celebrations, something Cubans have always appreciated. Cubans bring flair to celebrations with their food, music and dancing; and for the most memorable events, hand-rolled cigars. Now you can enjoy the same cigars that Cubans have long counted on to mark their special occasions. Ruiz Cigars & Rollers will arrive at your venue and a master Cuban cigar roller will create hand-rolled cigars for your party.

Ruiz Cigars and Rollers specializes in recreating the authentic flavors of Cuba by hand-rolling cigars for private events. We use tobacco leaves grown in the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Ecuador; all from Cuban stock.The tobacco leaves used in our cigars have been aged  for several years and perfectly blended to bring out a nutty flavor and mild taste that always has guests asking for more. Even non-smokers appreciate the fine aromas!

Upon request, one of our knowledgeable rollers will be onsite at your event to break down the complexities of hand-rolling in a live demonstration that showcases the making and unique styling of gourmet cigars. The roller can also create personalized cigars with a special blend for the guest of honor; be it a groom or bride, an entire wedding party, and of course the event’s host and hostess! Extra cigars can be customized at no charge with your name, logo, event or other symbols.

Cubans know how to celebrate with the finest cigars in the world. Count on Ruiz Cigars & Rollers to make your event memorable one with authentic , Cuban, hand-rolled cigars made just for you. totalmente a mano!

About Ruiz

Ibrahim Ruiz, Master Cigar Roller, was born and raised by a traditional Cuban family in Havana, Cuba. Ibrahim had mastered the art of hand-rolling cigars by the age 19. His grandfather, a well-respected cigar roller, patiently passed his skills to his beloved and very energetic grandson. Few things could occupy Ibrahim like his grandfather’s lessons. After learning his grandfather’s personal secrets of hand-rolling cigars, Ibrahim enrolled in a rigorous, three-month training program at the world-famous Romeo and Juliet cigar factory in Havana. Soon thereafter, he passed a comprehensive three-day evaluation, earning top marks for his prowess. Later, he became a Romeo and Juliet cigar roller, working with other professionals for three years at a top-rated company in a highly competitive field.


Ibrahim immigrated to Cancun, Mexico, seeking more opportunity, and worked as a cigar roller for the Lauros Cigar Company, a leading company in Mexico with a growing world reputation in several hotels. He eventually formed his own business and worked special events, and corporate parties and weddings, bringing his talent and experience to special occasions. He has continued hand-rolling cigars with his move to Austin, Texas, where he carries on the family tradition with the dedication and skills his grandfather so lovingly taught him.

Ibrahim Ruiz, owner and cigar roller for Ruiz Cigars and Rollers (RC&R) now has over 20 years of experience in the business. He enjoys rolling cigars at events across the nation, adding a touch of Cuban tradition and flair to every occasion.


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